Memorial Mill Site & Wildlife Park

Mill Site Trail System and Victims of Mill Tailings Memorial

This park includes a beautiful mountain bike or walking trail system.

Memorial Information
1942 - The original vanadium mill was completed. 100% of the product was used by the government, nothing was sold commercially.
1944 - The mill began production of a uranium/vanadium sludge for the Manhattan Engineering District.
1948 - The Atomic Energy Commission converted the Mill to a uranium processing plant which lead to the production of nearly 200 tons of uranium ore daily.
1943 -1960 - While the Mill was operational. residents were exposed to radioactive materials, poisonous gases, chemicals, heavy metals, and other questionable substances from the large smokestack which spewed 2600 lbs of residue daily. Residents complained of corrosion to chrome on their cars, fencing, aluminum window, galvanized roofs, and clotheslines, as well as the clothes hanging on the line.
1960 - Monticello residents experienced a rash of Leukemia deaths, including four children. The Mill closed with 903,000 tons of radioactive tailings left uncovered on about 40 acres.
1962 - The Atomic energy Commission covered the tailings with soil to a depth of one or two feet in a failed effort to stabilize the tailings.
1986 - The mill site was added to the national Priorities List - June 10, 1986
1992 - The Department of Energy hired private contractors to clean  the site and 425 private properties in and around Monticello.
2000 - The last of approximately 152,000 cubic yards of material was relocated to a newly constructed repository.
1993 - 2009 - Monticello residents continue to be affected by cancer and respiratory illnesses. Over 640 individuals have been diagnosed with related illnesses or have passed away. In many cases, the cancer latency period is maturing.

Mill Site Trails Map

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